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The WORST Tattoos

June 28, 2008
Ok — this is hilarious… Some dude tattooed Britney’s Bald head on his back… All I have to say is this… You shouldn’t be allowed in a tattoo parlor if your obviously drunk.

Looking for ways to curb your gas consumption?

June 28, 2008
Doesn’t the url above look like is says”savages” — I glanced over the link this morning… And I kept thinking “savages.” Not “Save Gas.” Maybe that’s my brain playing tricks on me… Because these oil companies are a bunch of savages. Profiting billions off of us.
Not to get all political… But, why did the government push this HDTV/Digital TV thing through so quickly and yet, they can’t figure out a way to fix the energy problem.
Trevor called and suggested this site to find the best prices.

JC Podcast: The Ultimate Bryan Adams Fan

June 24, 2008

Click Here to Listen to Karen Peterson

Karen Peterson of LaSalle is hoping you can get her to her “94th” Bryan Adams concert!

UPDATE: She placed second!


June 15, 2008
VIDEO: Cubs fan Jeremy Aitken sings “Go Go White Sox!” on WAJK!

JC buys lunch for Jeremy after the Cubs sweep the Sox..