Total Eclipse of the Heart

If you start driving now… You may be able to witness a total eclipse of the sun… Well — Maybe not… The eclipse started at 5am and will only run through 10.  And — did I mention it’s only visible in Canada and other parts of the Northern Hemisphere.
OK — Can’t find the video feed… here’s a link to the pics.

Remember the last solar eclipse (Oct. 24th, 1995)?  Did you view it with one of those pinhole viewers?  You know how to use those right?  I was a Junior in High School taking an underclass “Earth Science” Class (didn’t want to take Chemistry or Physics to complete my 3 years of science.)  A few moronic Freshman and Sophmores that weren’t paying attention to the teacher’s instruction on how to use the pinhole viewers were holding the paper up to their face trying to look through the pinhole.  I’m sure the sunlight seered their retinas.



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