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JC Podcast: Scott Morgan of HGTV’s DreamBuilders

November 26, 2008

I recently spoke with Scott Morgan on some energy savings tips.  He’s the host of HGTV’s Dream Builders and interviews the best and brightest in the construction business.  Plus, wanna get your house on an HGTV show… Scott says you don’t have to have a house worth more than a half million dollars (although I disagree, you ever see a trailer on HGTV?)

He’s with propane… Get more suggestions from propane’s site… Here.

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Black Friday!

November 26, 2008


Black Friday is almost here and we have sought out some of the best deals for you…Here they are:

Wal-Mart =  Wal-Mart will have almost everything on sale! The retailer will be cutting prices early and often this season — with pre-Black Friday deals that started in October. Door busters from 5am to 11am include $15 Blu-ray discs, $2 DVDs, a $15 Shop-Vac, $10 toys and a $199 X-Box. Add a $299 laptop.

Kohl’s = Kohl’s may have the steepest discounts of the season, touting 300 door busters and many items in the store marked off 40% to 75%, including 50% off all toys and 60% off all fine jewelry. The retailer is also offering $10 cash for every $50 spent in the store or online.

Target = Target is dropping prices on everything and is leading the way in discount electronics. The big price drop is on a 26″ HDTV from Westinghouse for $299, but there’s also a $99.99 GPS system, a $69 digital camcorder, video games as low as $7 and $44 iPod dock.

BestBuy = BestBuy HDTVs, like this door buster: an $899 50″ Viera HDTV. Also on sale for early shoppers: a $59.99 digital camera, a $379 Toshiba laptop and Guns n’ Roses new album for $11.99. Among the regular sale items are video games, phones, computers and music players.

Ace Hardware =  Ace has tools, tools, tools. Some of Ace’s deals have already been leaked and show that accessories are also key this year — like toolboxes. Expect to see door buster deals on power tools and many other practical items for around the house.

Kmart = Kmart is splitting up its Black Friday deals this year into Friday and weekend specials. Door busters on Friday include $29.99 Jaclyn Smith cashmere sweaters, a $99.99 GPS system, $10 kids winter jackets and buy-one-get-one Lego sets. Saturday is the day for buy-one-get-one Leapster sets, a $39.99 air hockey table and a $49.99 digital photo frame.

Toys R Us = Toys R Us just released its massive catalog, and to help parents it selected 19 items and five trends. There are tons of discounts in the catalog already, and more on the way.

Circuit City = Home theater, games and cameras. A new policy means that prices in the stores will be the same as online, so no reason to wait for CyberMonday.What can you buy? How about door busters that include a 42″ Samsung HDTV for $699.99 or a $79.99 Samsung digital camera or $2.00 DVDs and CDs.

Staples = Staples will have several great deals that will be available in store and online, including a Tom GPS unit for $99, a 7″ digital picture frame for $39.99 and a 19″ LCD monitor for under $100.

Office Depot = The retailer comes out swinging this year with a $350 HP laptop and a $490 Toshiba one, plus a $15 off coupon for Friday or Saturday. Make sure you check online for Office Depot’s deals before heading out to the lines since Office Depot will likely offer free shipping with no minimum charges.

JC Penney = Door busters start at 4am, and include a ton of household and novelty gadgets, like a $99 doughnut maker and $16.88 mens’ grooming kit. Jewelry, clothing and kids items are also heavily discounted across the board, like 50% off all handbags and wallets, dresses, most outwear and kids clothes.

Sears = Sears is also going the wholesale discount route, especially for door busters, offering 40% to 60% off most categories, with an additional $10 off for every $50 in purchases. As for HDTVs, it’s offering a 40″ Sony for $1399.99, which is not as low as most expected. It’s lowest price HDTV is a 19″ Samsung for $299.

Old Navy = Want a pretty good door buster? How about just a flat 50% off across the board? The store will also be giving out a free Samsung MP3 player with $20 purchase.

Amazon = You’d think Amazon would focus on CyberMonday, but it offers up Black Friday deals as well, including a huge 50% off selection, $8.99 CD box sets and 20% off select baby items.

Home Depot = Christmas decorations and tools, like 99-cent poinsettas and a $59.97 cordless drill set. Home Depot is trying to lure in economically-stressed homeowners who want to fix up their places on a budget with starter tool sets and gadgets priced under $10, and price drops on more expert tools.

Walgreen’s = Door busters include BOGO on Webkinz, scented candles, reader glasses and potted trees. The best deals for gifts are body butter for $1.99 and the Norelco Razor at half price.

Here’s a link to a site that Kelli sent me… It will let you search for specific items and find the corresponding Black Friday ad.

Tina Sherman… Adrienne Bailon? Hmm.

November 25, 2008

What do Tina Sherman and Adrienne Bailon have in common?  Is it possible they both leaked images online to get media exposure?

Will Playboy offer the Arkansas cell phone vixen $100,000 to pose?

Earlier this year, Tina’s husband, Phillip left his cellphone at a McDonald’s.  He says the employees there contacted him, but not before posting some racy images of Tina online.  He’s suing.

The iPhone Savior Blog brought up some interesting points:

Reports indicate that Tina Sherman may have sent photos of herself in various stages of undress to her husband’s cell phone, the same phone which Sherman claimed he misplaced. The lawsuit alleges that before Phillip could retrieve his cell phone from McDonalds, Tina Sherman starting receiving text messages from her husband’s phone in response to her pictures. One text message stated:
“I’ve seen your pictures Tina, I liked what I saw.”
Google_search_trends The alleged Sherman nudes are currently at the center of a massive Google search by curious gawkers wanting to view the raw proof. The Tina Sherman story has reached Top 10 Google Trends for the search term “Tina Sherman Nude”. But you won’t see this hot item featured on McDonald’s dollar deal menu anytime soon. The photos were pulled down back in July, making the current Google scavenger hunt all the more futile.

Sawing the Entertainment Center

November 24, 2008

Are you going to purchase a new HDTV this Christmas?  Analysts are predicting the prices on LCD & Plasma TV’s to plummet… possibly even after Black Friday.

So — you have a 34″ regular 4:3 TV… So, you’ll buy another 34″ flatscreen HDTV right?  Sure.  But the height of the screen is different.  Screen’s are measured diagonally.  To get the same screen dimension, you’ll need to upgrade your 34″ 4:3 TV to a 42″ Flatscreen.

Get all the math done for you at

KTUU 2008 Sarah Palin turkey interview

November 21, 2008

OK — look at the dude on the right.He’s slaughtering a turkey while Sarah talks about pardoning one!

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Eeww! Creepy! Barbie Fashion?

November 21, 2008

A New York Designer says she was inspired to make a new brand of designer jewelry out of dismembered Barbie dolls due to her own history with the toy.

Margaux Lange… who’s jewelry looks like it was ripped off of a Robot Chicken episode… says Barbie fueled her creativity as a child.

Ashlee & Pete’s Bare Necessities

November 21, 2008

Who knew Ashlee and Pete were huge fans of the Jungle Book! Welcome Bronx Mowgli Wentz – who weighed 7 lbs, 11 oz, and was 20.5 inches long – was born Thursday night, a spokesperson for the couple confirms to

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JC Podcast: Give Your Child an Advantage

November 19, 2008

Author Sharon Reed, founder and president of Child Care Consultants, recently talked with JC about her book.

The thing I really like about this book in comparison to other “child rearing” books, is that Sharon does an excellent job of walking you through the stages of development in your children and what you can do to help them to grow!

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Mom’s and Motrin

November 19, 2008

Was this really worth all the stink?

Motherlode: Moms and Motrin
Published: November 17, 2008
Odds are that a number of executives responsible for advertising Motrin find themselves with a bit of a headache today.

Mr. Lucky, Dobie Maxwell

November 18, 2008

Saturday night, 11/22, Mr. Lucky returns to the Illinois Valley Superbowl for Comedy night. Listen Thursday and Friday morning to win tickets with Nearly Impossible Trivia at 8:15a.

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